As an alienated parent, you are probably cut out of your child's major life events...birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays and more.

Your heart aches as you watch everyone else celebrate while you are shut out. Holidays, Milestones & Events can help you cope. 


The "Holidays, Milestones & Events" Package: 

Get 24/7 Lifetime Access to All of the Following. Available on All Devices.

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7-Day Online Video Training Course

This online training course is designed specifically to help alienated families cope while others are celebrating. Discover strategies to heal, communicate, exactly what you should be sending for a gift to your child and what the message attached should say.  If you’re an alienated parent or family member who gets shut and you need guidance OR you have some access to your child, but it’s high-conflict and need advice, this program is for you.

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Bonus 1: Downloadable Book/Workbook

You'll receive access to downloadable your book/workbook. Each section has specific questions and exercises, so you can take the strategies and apply it to your situation specifically and because everyone learns differently, you’ll be able to read  the complete book as well. You'll also hear from my Dad, Leo Thomas as he delivers the foreword with his experiences during these times, and advice for how to get through it.

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Bonus 2: Audio Book - Mp3 Download

You'll be able to download the complete mp3 audio book as well! Now, you can listen on the go anytime you need during these emotional times.

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Bonus 3: Online Workshop - Creating a Breakthrough

Your number one priority is still to be able to make progress with your child and get them to start seeing the truth. So I’m also including a third bonus. I’m including access to a 60-minute online workshop to help you create massive discovery in your child. I’ll show you how to create a Breakthought with your alienated child even if you have little to no contact with them.